Alex Fatbike and 29+ Rims

Check out the new Alex Fat bike and 29+ rims! The Blizzerk, Blizzerk Pro, and MD50 are in stock and ready to ship. These rims look awesome! Call Olympic and let us custom build you a pair.

Excerpt from BikeRumor

Offering up two new fat bike rims, Alex is introducing the Blizzerk 80 and Blizzerk Pro. While the 80 uses a pinned joint construction with hollow rails along the circumference of the rim, the Pro model steps up to a welded joint. The Pro is also a bit wider with a 76mm internal/ 82mm external width compared to the 80’s 80/73mm. If the Blizzerk Pro looks like a Surly Rolling Darryl that’s because it basically is with “technology by Surly.” Weights for the rims are listed at 830g for the 80 and 850g for the Pro.

On the + side, Alex has the new MD50 which is offered in 29″ and oddly, 24″. The rim features their TRS Tubeless Ready System with a Pinned joint and a 55mm ext/50mm int. width that is 22mm tall. Expect the MD50 to come in at 770g.Bike Rumor

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