Bkool Bike Trainer + 3D Virtual Training

Olympic Supply is pleased to announce that we are now carrying BKOOL Trainer and Simulator. With a lower price tag than the CompuTrainer, Tacx, and Wahoo KICKR, the BKOOL trainer ($699 MSRP) offers a great value to the consumer

Bicycle trainer

Compact, Plug & Play, powerful Bicycle trainer . For the most realistic sensations. The technology and the manufacturing process that go into the Bkool cycling trainer means it only costs half as much as similar trainers. Bkool is a smart trainer . The Bkool trainer features the most advanced cycling simulator and a powerful analysis platform.

Cycling simulator

Works with any cycling trainer or stationary bike. With Bkool, ride with your friends without leaving your home. Exclusive technology: Bkool 3D recreates any cycling route on the planet in 3D. Bkool RealWeather ™ simulates the weather on the route. If you like real images, there are hundreds of videos. Its analysis platform will accurately measure your activity.